Thursday, June 23, 2011


Because trouble and sorrow are present in every generation, Maggie Crocker's song I don't need to Understand continues to provide comfort and hope to thousands around the world.

I don't need to Understand has been recorded by some of gospel's biggest groups including Jimmy Swaggart, Naomi and the Sego brothers, Henry and Hazel Slaughter, The Fishers, Jack Tony and many others. 

"I love Maggie's Song.  It helps me get through those times when life seems so hard.  In fact, I'm thinking of the first verse right now!"      Vickie - 

Sunshine comes and sunshine goes, then shadows linger;
Darkness fills the night with mystery and care.
But within my heart a gentle voice reminds me,
“Fear no evil,” Jesus said, “for I’ll be there.”

I don’t need to understand, I just need to hold his hand.
I don’t need to ever ask the reason why.
For I know He’ll make a way thru the night and thru the day;
I don’t need to understand, I just need to hold His hand.

Perhaps you heard someone sing Maggie's song.  Perhaps you remember a loved one who sang it or maybe you ordered Maggie's CD.  Perhaps you are simply hurting and you would like to learn this song.

We are pleased to announce that you can now purchase the original sheet music and words to I Don't Need to Understand.  For only $5 you will received a download of her original sheet music and an additional print out of the words only. 

If you order her CD Songs for Troubled Hearts, you will received the download absolutely free!  Order your copy today!

We hope that this music will be an inspiration and help to you.  Remember that God loves you and he cares about your pain.

For a donation of $15 you can order Maggie's CD and receive a free "Autographed" copy of the sheet music for "I Don't Need To Understand".  Click on the following "add to cart" to receive your CD and free sheet music.  It will be mailed to your home.

The following button is only for the downloadable sheet music.  To order a computer generated downloadable copy of the sheet music for "I Don't Need To Understand" can be yours for a donation of  $5

Thursday, October 21, 2010

New & Improved !

Scriptures Against Abuse

April (not real name) was a devout Christian.  She loved God with all her heart.  She worked hard not only in her home but also in her job as an executive secretary.  April had made a terrible mistake to marry Henry but she felt her faith required her to suffer, in pain, alone, forgotten.  Why would a loving God demand her to spend the rest of her life paying for this mistake?  Another tear dripped down her face.  It seemed to her that if she chose to save her identity she would lose her faith.  But if she chose to save her faith, she might lose her life.

Sound familiar?  Many Christian marriages, plagued with some form of abuse have become private dungeons where inhabitants lose faith not only in God but in most other areas of their lives. 

What is the truth?  Do scriptures like Ephesians 5:26 or Malachi 3:7 demand that the Christian stay in abusive marriages? 

Scriptures Against Abuse is a full circle lesson that will give you scriptures and theology to help you make an informed Godly decision about your marriage.  Because of a lively discussion (after this booklet was released) with several readers who have experienced abuse this booklet has been updated from 20 pages to 24.  This booklet is packed with discussions on Abuse, self-esteem and the purpose of marriage. 

You will receive this booklet on CD and as well as the right to print 500 copies that can be used for Sunday School, church or small groups.  The CD also includes a study guide packed with another 14 pages of discussions and scriptures.

For the small price of $6.95 you will receive 38 pages of information that will shed new light on the abuse issue. 

If you have a friend who is hurting but is afraid that leaving the abuse may be need to purchase this booklet today!  Although marriage is discussed in detail in this booklet, other forms of abuse are applied to these scriptures.  Abuse is not tolerated in God's word, regardless of the form.  God's love lived out in the daily lives of the family does not include abuse in any form or to any individual.  Scriptures against abuse proves it!

Order yours today for just $6.95 plus shipping!

Monday, September 13, 2010

58 Steps To Restore Honor

On 8/28 Glenn Beck held a rally in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington.  He called it The "Restoring Honor" rally.  Over 350,000 people attended and prayed for this country.  I watched a portion of the rally and was thrilled at the battle cry for everyone to "get back to God and restore Honor to this Nation!" 

As I cried and prayed for everyone in attendance, I was struck with the thought "But what if you don't know how to restore Honor.  What if you don't know what Honor looks like." 

I worked in Social Services and met families that did not have a heritage of honor.  They are puzzled when I talk about doing the right thing, having integrity and searching for truth.

The Lincoln Memorial has 58 steps leading to the carving of President Lincoln.  Though there are many more ways to express Honor, this booklet outlines 58 steps we need to discover in order to restore honor in the individual and the country. 

Some of the steps include
Pride in your work
The Ten Commandments
Being able to repent of wrong doing
My word is my bond
The Golden Rule 
 and 48 other just as important steps.....

This Booklet is included on the "Growing a Strong America" CD

You can also purchase a separate CD that includes "58 steps to Restore Honor" and a study guide.  For only $7.00 plus shipping you will receive this booklet and a Study Guide on a CD in PDF form.  You will also receive permission to print as many as 500 copies. 

This booklet is a great tool for Sunday schools or small groups meetings.  

The Study Guide for this booklet is not included on the Growing a Strong America CD but can be purchased separately by sending a request to

Sunday, September 12, 2010

How To Teach Your Faith To Your Child

It's finally finished!  This book has been in the works for a long time.  I wanted to make sure that it included as much information for parents as possible.  It's 20 pages packed with information to help you give your child the best chance possible to accept your faith.  You can order this wonderful booklet as a single CD or included with other booklets on the Growing a Stronger America CD.  Both CD's come in PDF form and can be read by any computer.   

This booklet includes 17 ways you can help your child experience your faith.  It includes points like discipline - "Parents who do not provide prooper discipline for their children make it more difficult for them to accept faith.

"Don't make your child look for faith in your home.  Children look to their parernts for living examples of faith."

"You must be diligent about explaining any anti-faith lifestyles your child may encounter."

"A child's first view of god is through the face of their parent."

"Don't have bar-be-que pastor for Sunday dinner."

This booklet would make a wonderful Sunday school or small group series.

If you order this booklet, you will have my permission to reprint the booklet up to 500 times. 

Order your individual CD for only $7.00 and receive a free Study guide to go along with the booklet.

This booklet is also included (with four other booklets) on the Growing a Stronger America CD for only $15

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Check out Debbie's new CD

 Growing a Stronger America

This CD includes five booklets - a $28.00 value for the low price of only $15

Each booklet is in PDF form so any computer can read the information.  You can choose to print the booklets in 1/2 page double sided form or as a single page word document.

Debbie's class list and the following booklets are included.

Mommy Patriots - An Excellent tool for tea parties

58 Steps to Restore Honor     -      Brand New booklet!

How to teach your faith to your child      -       Brand New booklet!

The Penny System - An excellent tool for discipline

All these booklets, my class list and much more information only


With this CD you also receive my permission to print these booklets up to 500 times each!

What a wonderful deal!

Order your "Growing a Stronger America" CD today!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Maggie Crocker is now offering her popular CD - "Songs for Troubled Hearts" on this website.  We are proud to partner with Christian Ministries.

For just $12.00 you can purchase her CD and have it shipped to you along with the personally autographed sheet music.  There are a total of six encouraging songs on the CD.

Maggie wrote "I Don't Need to Understand" over 50 years ago and it is especially relevant today.  Maggie and Ken were pastoring a large church in Indiana when he was called to the mission field.  While he was riding elephants through the jungles of burma and ministering all around the world, Maggie was taking care of the church and it's many ministries.  God gave her this song and it has blessed thousands of people.  It is now published internationally and still reaches many hearts.

If you are having a difficult time understanding the problems you face...order this encouraging CD today!

To listen to her song, you can go to Christian Ministries and click on the Music tab.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mommy Patriots......The New Revolution

When you order Mommy Patriots, The New Revolution, you will receive a download for a 20 page power packed booklet.   This booklet begins with an inspiring message that you are not alone. 
"Some estimates of the 9/12 march on Washington are over a million.....On his show with a studio full of moms, Glenn Beck found that these protectors of the future are not shy when it comes to protecting freedom for their children."

It continues by reminding moms that they can change this troubled country.
"One woman at the 9-12 March on Washington held a sign that said, "Don't make me come up there!" 

This booklet illuminates a moms power not only to change her family but to be politically charged as well.  "The ability to adjust our lifestyle to protect our family is ingrained in the American Woman...We can clean, cook, feed our children, help them do homework, administer discipline and still find time to volunteer, got to church and march against corrupt officials and policies."

It continues by reminding politicians that moms are powerful.  "Don't mess with moms who are determined to change the world for their children!  It's just not a fair fight!" 

This booklet is a great informational tool to give out at schools, churches, home groups, 9-12 groups and tea parties.  It reminds any political figure that we are not going to let this country fail.  "We are organizing and we are going to take America back!  We will not allow you to rob our children of a future blessed with American freedoms."

This book includes over 70 ways moms can work together.  In case you are confused about how a bunch of moms plan to take America back, Debbie has given us 70 ways to fight now and in the future.  "The most dangerous place in the world is between a mother and her child!  Mr. careful.  You don't have the tools required to come between a mother and her child."

This book is filled with quality photos and excellent information.  Helen left this comment...

I am an author myself and when I read Mommy Patriots, The New Revolution, by Debbie Jansen, I was captivated! Debbie has captured the feelings of moms all across this country.  She describes our hopes our dreams and our fears while giving plans for correcting the wrongs we see.  Debbie's well written booklet addresses the cry that will soon be heard across our entire nation and I highly recommend it to everyone...young, old and in-between!

Helen's Website

When you order Mommy Patriots, The New Revolution - you will receive a downloadable version of the booklet.  Save it to your computer.  You can read through the pages and then print your own booklet for distribution.  You are welcome to print this booklet as many times as you like. 

Please respect the author's work and do not send this booklet through the internet or share the download with others.  Because of Debbie's devotion to this cause, she has graciously given you permission to print as many copies as you like.  She has worked diligently to keep the cost low so everyone can purchase the download.

Discipline Exposed, surviving fried worms and flying mudballs.

This book has received rave reviews from many professionals and makes a great gift for any mom.  Remember....when you purchase any of my resources, you also get me.  If you have any questions, send me an e-mail and I'll answer as quickly as possible. 

For a professional review of this book go to

Mary's World

Here's what Marilyn had to say....

Mom had your new autographed book "Discipline Exposed" lying in my bedroom when I was there. One night I picked it up and read it and LOVED IT!! I would have loved to have had that book back when my boys were growing up. I was so impressed with the book that I went up to the bookstore in Knoxville and ordered another copy to send to my step-daughter who has a little 5 yr. old "very active" little boy. It was very timely because she had just called me that week crying because Aidan was having some behavioral problems.

I took Mom's copy to Cedar Rapids to loan to my son & daughter-in-law who have a 4 yr. old and a 6 yr. old.  I'm just praying that God will use your book in each of these situations to help them with their parenting skills.

THANK YOU, DEBBIE, for writing such a "down-to-earth" book that is funny, yet makes so much sense understanding how kids think!

Receive your personally autographed copy for $11

Potty Training in One Day

Wow!  Is it possible? 

Yes!  I've helped dozens of children and parents.  It can be done in just ONE DAY. 

Potty Train your Baby in Just One Day is a 16 page booklet that will help you understand all the details of the process.  You will learn how to tell if your child is ready, how to prepare for the big day and how to make it fun.

This process will build a bond between you and your child and will make a difficult task seem effortless. 

Are you ready to get rid of the diaper bag?  Do you want to instill self-esteem in your child?  Do you want to watch your child accomplish a new task with ease?

Potty Train Your Baby In Just One Day contains all the information you need to train your child quickly and without stress.

You can purchase this booklet in CD form.  You will be able to print up to 500 booklets to use at mommy gatherings, in Sunday Schools and in other small groups.  Order your booklet today for only $5.00.  
The Penny System

Debbie designed this behavior modification system for her own children.  This 16 page booklet will give you the background information you need to develop your own Behavior Modification system.

This system is a wonderful discipline tool that can help you accomplish your goals without constant yelling or frustration. You'll find ways to conquer those stubborn habits that are so hard to control. 

Every parent should know how to use The Penny System. It will help your child develop good habits and a strong decision making process. Your child will learn how to recognize and avoid destructive consequences. both will have fun during the learning process.

This system can be modified to work with the elderly, sick or dysfunctional child. It also works well in the classroom.

This booklet has received raves from parents and calls like the following from public school teachers.

"What are you doing to Matt?"
"I have him on a Behavior Modification program."
"That can't be it. I've done Behavior Mod before and it never works this quick or this well."
"Behavior Modification must be all inclusive."
"I know that, and I've tried to do that, but this is almost miraculous."
"Would you like to take my class?"
"Yes, where do I sign up."

You can order this booklet on CD for $5.00.  With this CD you will be able to print 500 copies of the booklet to use in Sunday Schools, mommy clubs and other small groups.